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When I first started writing posts on medium, they were published in the Quick Reads section. A few months ago, publication was restricted to those who chose to follow my posts. Lately, they have not been published at all. I’ve been cancelled. This will be my last post. It will be read by almost nobody.

I am not bitching about the outcome. Medium has a right to publish what it feels like publishing. The excuses that twitter and Facebook are using for cancellations are inciting violence and COVID falsehoods. …

The only option

The Biden administration is being structured from top to bottom to place a priority on addressing problem of climate change. I think it will be wasting a great deal of money and will fail to achieve its objective because of a failure to grasp easily accessible scientific facts.

The scientific case for climate change is only a hypothesis, because it is impossible to conduct a controlled experiment on the global climate system. For purposes of this discussion, we will stipulate that the hypothesis is correct. It states that the buildup of CO2 in the atmosphere caused by human activity creates…

The end may finally be near

I’ve been wrong about this several times, but I think the end is coming for Donald. The Great & Good are mobilizing to get him.

I met Donald in the 80s, just as Trump Tower was coming on line. I had looked at his first two deals (The Grand Hyatt on 42nd the the Tower) and decided that he was good at navigating NYC’s complex and corrupt permit process. Turns out his father did the navigating. I thought Don was the biggest horse’s ass I’d ever met. …

Swing vote

Let us say that you are not a resident of either of the ideological swamps (Trump diehard or MSNBC progressive). Let us say you would rather the Congress had spent its time addressing the multitude of problems we face in lieu of conducting political theater with a proceeding that lacked the votes to pass. Let’s say that the notion of spending $480,000,000,000 of borrowed money (350 to States; 130 to teachers’ unions) to States that are granting raises to their public sector employees and failing to open their schools disgusts you. Let’s say you thought the Georgia senators who told…

Remember who got us here.

After an embarrassingly short episode of feigned bipartisanship, Congress will use the misnamed procedure called “reconciliation” to pass a massive borrow and spend bill. I will attempt to give you a lens through which to view this fiasco.

Politics is all about power — the power of coercion and the power of allocation.

By means of laws, regulations, police, courts, jails (concentration camps in the case of China and North Korea and the gallows in Iran), governments prohibit certain behaviors and mandate other behaviors. …

There is no one ‘truth’.

When I was in high school, Joe McCarthy was at the height of his fame and power, finding Communists under every bed. There were Communists serving in our government, attempting to advance the interests of the Soviet Union. Some of them were active spies. Joe was too lazy and disorganized to find any of them. He was a sloppy drunk, whose stock and trade was unsupported accusations. He did, however, succeed in severely damaging the reputations and careers of a lot of innocent people.

The left side of the political spectrum waged a relentless campaign (which I actively supported) against…

Executive Order

The sigh of relief heard ‘round the world has blown by. The Great & Good and their media cheerleaders are now engaged in breathless adulation for the hero of the hour — Joe Biden. Joe rewarded them by signing a stack of Executive Orders to reverse the abhorrent agenda of the tacky, narcissistic, treasonous fascist whose butt formerly occupied the chair behind the desk in the Oval Office. Bad idea! Governing by executive order is autocracy lite.

First, a quick constitutional reminder. The function of the legislature is to pass laws. The function of the executive is to ADMINISTER the…


On January 11, the House of Representatives spent the day on their 25th Amendment ultimatum to Pence, and the introduction of an single Article of Impeachment. That same day, there were just over 241 thousand new COVID cases and just under 2 thousand deaths. Two days later, when the Article was adopted, we set a new record with 4,327 deaths. The burning issue of the campaign, which the Democrats asserted was the strongest argument for getting rid of Trump, disappeared off the agenda in a spasm of partisan fervor.

The second response to the riot was a mobilization of upwards…

Can California be cured?

The ratio of COVID shots delivered to doses on hand is amongst the lowest in the country. The Employment Development Department has sent out something over $4 billion to fraudulent unemployment insurance claimants, including one who identified himself as Diane Feinstein. The San Francisco subway (all 1.5 miles of it) is (so far) five years behind schedule and at least 100% over budget. Significant numbers of California’s citizens are taking themselves and their businesses to another state. For the first time in history, our State will lose representation in Congress. What’s going on?

There are undoubtedly numerous causes of our…

Raise your hand if you have an opinion!

The news media is fully focused on the Georgia runoff election for two Senate seats. This election coverage has one major difference from any such coverage of the last 75 years. There is almost no mention of polling data, except to occasionally say “it’s within the margin of error”. Why would that be? The polling industry had one last chance to redeem itself in last November’s election. It failed. Political media does not want any more egg on its face created by glossy graphic displays of polls that turn out to be wrong.

Due to a huge plurality for Biden…

Patrick Henry

A Different View

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