Two Faces

Standards should go both ways.

Anita Hill accused Clarence Thomas of talking dirty and coming on to her. She was so traumatized by the experience that she followed him from one government agency to another. He denied it. The resulting bumper sticker was WE BELIEVE YOU ANITA.

When Bill Clinton was accused by Paula Jones of demanding oral sex. James Carville allowed as how Paula was an example of what you could pick up if you dragged a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park.

When it was discovered that Bill was enjoying oral sex in the Oval Office with a 22 year old intern, Hillary allowed that Monica was “a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty”.

Christine Blasey Ford accused Brett Kavanaugh of assaulting her when she was 16. She couldn’t remember the exact date or the location of the assault. The girl who she said was with her at the little beer bust they crashed has no recollection of the incident. She said nothing about it to anybody for decades. She claims that she eventually discussed it with her psychiatrist, but we are not allowed to see the notes or hear from him. Brett denied it ever happened. Joe Biden allowed as how her willingness to testify was sufficient proof of her allegation. In order to establish a pattern of behavior, ludicrous and ultimately discredited stories were fabricated about his time at Yale. No apologies were tendered by MSNBC for its adoring interviews with Michael Avenatti and his “client”, during which they touted him as presidential timber.

The Lieutenant Governor of Virginia was credibly accused of raping two women. They have time and place and lots of reporting to others in the immediate aftermath. The story disappeared from the mainstream media in a matter of weeks.

Now . . . comes Tara Reade. She accuses Joe Biden of digital rape. Her evidence is a bit spotty, but there is a lot of it. She says she filed a complaint of harassment, but nobody is allowed to look for it in Biden’s archive. The entire establishment of the Democratic party, including its Progressive wing, and including many who style themselves as ardent feminists, rush to his support. A narrative has recently been launched to characterize Tara as a lifelong troublemaker and flake. That characterization may or may not be true, but it has nothing to do with the charge.

It turns out the Joe Biden submitted a request to unmask Mike Flynn a few days before he was scheduled to leave office. It’s hard to imagine a valid national security rationale for that move. When the unmasking is reported by Catherine Herridge, Biden unloaded on her in a fashion worthy of Donald Trump.

Does anyone see a double standard here? Women who accuse Republicans of misbehavior have credibility. Women who accuse Democrats don’t.

I realize that those in government, in advocacy, and in the media who are doing everything possible to discredit Donald Trump and his administration believe they are doing the Lord’s work — that his presence in the Oval Office is a clear and present threat to American Democracy. The problem is that their obvious hypocrisy may be having the opposite effect. They lend credibility to his narratives about the Deep State and Fake News.



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